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Ac Repair Houston

Ac Repair Houston

At Prestige Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC, we specialize in providing excellent and prompt AC repair in Houston. Our trusted experts have the right equipment and expertise to handle various AC issues, including blowing warm air, thermostat failure, making loud noises, not working at all, and so forth. We will provide an immediate fix and get your air conditioner back to optimal working condition. We serve homes and businesses in Houston, Texas, and nearby cities.

What Are the Signs That I need AC Repair?

Many homeowners in Houston fail to observe when their air conditioners need a repair until it gets out of hand. You will want to ensure that your cooling system is always working especially during summer. For this reason, we are going to list the common signs that demand urgent repair of your AC.

Water Leakage around Your AC: Moisture around your AC unit could be a cue that your AC is not working properly. The water leakage could be attributed to debris clogging the drainpipe of the AC unit. This needs to be repaired immediately to avoid creating a breeding ground for molds.

AC Not Cooling: The compressor could be out of shape if your AC is blowing hot instead of cool. It could also be caused by a refrigerant leak. Either of these problems should be fixed immediately before they degenerate into problems that will be more difficult and costly to fix.

Bad Smell: An unusual odoriferous smell may be an indication of mold growth. This mold growth comes with a musty smell and is encouraged by the water leakage from the AC unit. The pungent smell in your home can also be caused by burnt wire insulation in the AC unit.

Increased Humidity Levels: The air conditioner indoors is designed to moderate humidity levels automatically. If an air conditioner cannot pull moisture from your home to keep the humidity level balanced and controlled, water starts pooling around in your home. This is followed by growth. It is time to repair your AC when there is an increase in humidity level.

Noise from the AC Unit: Loud, disturbing noise other than the low-level noise is an indication that all is not well with your AC. The noise could be that there is a loose nut or a greater problem with your cooling system.

How Much Does AC Repair Cost?

The cost to repair an AC unit varies depending on the level of problem it has. The more significant the problem is, the more the cost it will attract. In case there are broken parts, such parts will need to be replaced. You can contact our expert team to get an accurate cost for your AC repair.

Need AC Repair in Houston? Contact Us Today!

Call our experts at Prestige Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC today to help fix your damaged air conditioning unit. Our services are affordable and prompt. We are always ready to provide a fast and effective solution to your AC issues. We guarantee you excellent services.

Ac Repair Houston
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Ac Repair Houston