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Slab Leaks Mesquite

Slab Leaks Mesquite

We Are Experts In Fixing Slab Leaks In Mesquite

Fixing slab leaks in Mesquite is one of our specialties and we have been offering the service for a long time. Before giving you some important details about our services, there are a few things we think you should know about slab leaks in Mesquite.

The biggest problem with slab leaks is that it can cause water to seep into your house through the floor. If that happens, you will definitely have to cope with the growth of mold and mildew. One sign of slab leaks in Mesquite is the continuous sound of running water even if all the faucets are off.

Unfortunately, people often ignore this sound. Slab leaks, like all other kinds of faults, usually gets worse with time. So, the earlier you fix it the better. Apart from water finding its way into your house, slab leaks can cause bigger problems. The water will gradually wash away the soil under your slab and this will gradually weaken the foundation of your home.

In fact, it can lead to the total collapse of your foundation. Your foundation may begin to shift and once that happens, there will be a structural risk in the entire building. One thing will lead to the other. Once your building develops a structural problem, your walls may begin to crack. Even some of your window glasses will either crack or break without any visible reason. Even your floor will not be spared. It may begin to buckle.

So, when you notice any of these signs you should contact an expert as quickly as possible. In fact, we advise that when next you begin to hear the sound of running water in your home, you should turn off all the faucets and check if you can still hear the sound of running water. If you do, then your slab could be leaking. You should contact a specialist immediately.

We may not be the only company that provides the service, but we distinguish ourselves in several ways. Here are the reasons you should consider us.

We offer free estimates

Once you call us, we will come and check the extent of your slab leaks and we will provide you with free estimates. Getting free estimates from us does not make it compulsory for you to patronize us. You should also bear in mind that we focus mostly on durability and cost- effectiveness and this will reflect in our solution.

We give discounts on every call

Our charges are reasonable and despite that, we still offer discounts on every call you give us. This is probably why our customer base increases rapidly.

Lifetime labor warranty

This is probably a rare offer. If we handle your job, we will offer you a lifetime labor warranty. This means that when you have issues with our job, we will fix it without charging you for labor. This may seem like a big offer to you, it is nothing to us because you will hardly have problems with anything we install or fix for you.

In addition, we also work with manufacturers that offer warranty on their parts. This is a sign that we deal with only high quality materials. We also need to let you know that we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.


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Slab Leaks Mesquite
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Slab Leaks Mesquite