Ottawa air conditioning contractors

Are you looking at Ottawa air conditioning contractors for a job in your home? Whether your system is not running efficiently and you need troubleshooting and repair or you’re thinking about replacing your old system with a more efficient model, AirZone’s technicians can help you determine the most cost-efficient solution to the problem.

Is your old AC unit giving you problems? Before you spend money on a repairman, take advantage of AirZone’s step by step online AC Troubleshooter. From the home page at, set your mouse to hover over ‘Cooling’ and choose from the Cooling Services results that reads Online AC Troubleshooter. You’ll find it is an extremely reliable resource for home and business owners, and may just save you time and money.

AirZone are Ottawa air conditioning contractors who want to make sure they are providing their clients with value, so if your AC problem is something you can easily fix by yourself, they would rather provide you with some helpful information than make a sale. If you aren’t able to get your system up and working efficiently after self-analysis, call AirZone at 613-592-5770 for diagnostic and repair services that will affordably restore your operation in as little time as possible.

Are you considering a new installation? New ductless split AC systems are very popular today, for some very good reasons. AirZone offers a full line of ductless air conditioners from top manufacturers, like Mitsubishi. Ductless systems are ideal for older homes that do not have ducts in place to support a central AC and heating system. They’re a great option that allows for single or multi-room temperature control. In older areas of Ottawa, such as Glebe, ductless systems are very popular.

AirZone specializes in taking care of that age-old problem of homes that suffer with ‘the hottest room in the house’. Their whisper-quiet ductless AC systems can prove to be a great solution for total indoor air comfort, cooling off your home without you even noticing the system is in operation. AirZone carries a complete line of affordable ductless split AC units and even carries the new innovative picture-frame system that will cool your home while serving as a means to display a beloved picture.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) are another popular choice for apartments and hotels, and offer heating and cooling in one efficient and very affordable product. If you live in either an apartment building or a hotel, consider talking with your manager about replacing more than one unit and you’ll see a significant savings in both the labor and transportation costs along with the equipment cost.

As Ottawa air conditioning contractors, AirZone has seen a lot of HVAC contractors come and go in the area. They’ve been there for locals throughout the years while others have made their debut and folded up. There are a lot of reasons why AirZone is still around, but the main reason is that they provide significant value when it comes to the products they provide to local home and business owners.

Consider AirZone for your AC repair or new installation. For more information, call one of their specialists at 613-592-5770. They’ll be glad to answer your questions or provide you with a free quote.

Ottawa air conditioning contractors
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Ottawa air conditioning contractors
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Ottawa air conditioning contractors